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Intuitive and Spiritual Healing, Soul Coaching(R) and Past Life Regression Coach

Welcome to A Moment of Grace where you will find information about the services that I provide.  My name is Stacey Witt and my purpose is to help guide people into a life of passion, purpose and grace. 

I delight in witnessing the unraveling of gifts when a person learns to connect with their most authentic self, healing, clearing blocks and creating a life they love. 

Who comes to me for healing, support and guidance?  People who are ready to shift what is no longer serving them in the highest way.  I hold the possibility of one's own innate connection to the divine and in this place it is my belief that anything is possible.  My mission is to help people to tap into their own profound healing potential with grace, ease and unconditional love from the universe. 

What type of healings have I guided people into?  People interested in releasing fear, sadness, mothers looking for support, illness, physical ailments, depletion, increasing a person's vibration, helping one to connect into their highest spiritual potential, relationship challenges and more.  Relationship challenges include relationship with self, partner, spouse, siblings and coworkers.

What happens during a healing session?  Sessions are as individual as the people who come to me for support.  During a session, we create sacred space, call in my guides as well as my client's highest guides and I allow myself to get out of the way.  By getting out of the way and moving into a sacred, healing space, we can hear the clearest wisdom of the universe.  I am trained in the modalities of Theta Healing(R), Alchemical Healing(R), Soul Coaching(R), and Past Life Regression.  These modalities can help assist my clients in releasing blocks and unhealthy ways of thinking and being that are no longer serving in the highest and best way.  I help people move into a place of deep self compassion and love.  

As of June 2012, I am a certified Soul Coach by Denise Linn and Past Life Regression Coach.  These methods of coaching help a person to connect with the truth of their soul on a deep level.  Please contact me for more information.

I am also a minister in the state of Washington and I perform sacred rites of passage, blessings and unions. 

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about the services that I provide.
Blessings to you!

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