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Client Feedback

"In over 20 sessions, Stacey through her healing sessions has guided me toward spiritual awakening and transformation.  During the sessions, I am always in awe of her celestial gifts that warm and enlighten me, and I come away from her presence altered, spiritually and consciously.  Her loving spirit is effused with light and grace.  Stacey Witt is a healer."

Ellen Lawson
Actor, Singer

"My session with Stacey was transformative.  I came to her with a long-standing physical/emotional pattern that I wanted to disengage from.  Through her intuitive, heart-felt, angelically-informed approach, I experienced release, relief, a definitive shift for the better.  Many months since that session I remain hugely appreciative of Stacey's attentions and enthusiastically recommend her as an adept and caring healer."

Johnny Hahn

"Stacey Witt is an amazing healer.  I worked with her on some issues with my Uterus and the stress in my life.  My Uterus calmed down and I had no need for further procedures.  I enjoyed the peace and calm that she shared with me that day.  Life smoothed out and things returned to balance.  Stacey is a safe, loving, and powerful guide.  I recommended her highly."

Sharlyn Hidalgo

"I have experienced a number of healing sessions with Stacey Witt.  I have been thrilled with every one.  Each time I walk out feeling as though a weight has been lifted from my shoulders and have come to a greater understanding as to what has been truly bothering me.  I have felt during these sessions my sense of awareness has been heightened.  I would recommend her services to anyone who has an open mind to experience something new."

Jennifer Pelly

"Dear Stacey,
Thank you again and again for your help during our dire need.  Your power to heal my son was nothing short of amazing.  I don't know what we would have done without you.  When you invited me into the room after your healing session, I felt the power and strength of all you had called to be present.  The presence of pure love filled the space and my heart.  I wish you continued growth in your work and am so thankful to know you.  All the best to you and all those you help."


"I have seen Stacey a few times to work on both physical and emotional ailments.  I was slightly hesitant at first but after each session realized this practice of energy healing has helped me to shift some core beliefs that I needed to let go of.  I literally felt a weight lifting off of me and am grateful for these sessions.  She has a true gift of making you feel connected and comfortable at all times."

M. Frohm

"Stacey's abilities will truly amaze you.  She very expertly scanned my chakras, identified any blocks, and old beliefs and quickly shifted my energy.  I experienced feelings of lightness, freedom and saw new possibilities open up in each of my 3 sessions.  Stacey also immediately healed a respiratory problem I had struggled with for months!  Theta Healing is by far the most profound thing I've experienced.  Stacey is a very gifted and caring healer.  I felt supported every step of the way!  I always left feeling grounded, focused and happy."


"Stacey removed toxic energy from my body and I felt such a huge relief.  She healed my ears, and throat and I felt better than I had in a long, long time.  I would highly recommend Stacey.  I felt wonderful after our session."

Mill Creek

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