A Moment Of Grace       



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About Stacey                                           

A little something about me...

I have always been a highly sensitive, intuitive person.  At times, this was very challenging to say the least.  I would feel feelings and emotions from others and I didn't know that these feelings weren't always mine.  I would also see things in the form of pictures, know something was about to happen but I didn't know what that was.  After much personal exploration and growth, I learned, as an adult, that this knowing was part of my intuitive gifts.  I have learned that these gifts allow me to connect with divine and universal knowing on a very deep level.  I have learned energetic healing modalities as well as Soul Coaching(R) to harness my own innate abilities.  These gifts allow me to feel deep compassion for people who would like guidance, coaching and connecting to their inner knowing and gifts.  I am honored to work with people helping them shift into a place of light, joy and peace.  This work brings me great fulfillment, I love helping others.
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